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The Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited is made up of representatives of the state’s 12 chapters. Its role is to coordinate the work of chapters in the areas of conservation, education, and advocacy. The Council provides grants and practical expertise to chapters so they may accomplish their objectives. The Council also works with state and federal agencies and other conservation organizations to enhance the quality of coldwater resources and related fisheries.

Operating Documents

Operating Documents

Become a Member

Become a Member

When you become a member of Trout Unlimited, TU will assign you to a local chapter. Chapters meet regularly to meet friends, discuss conservation issues, plan work days on their home waters, organize fundraisers, and of course, swap a few fish tales and learn how to tie the latest fly patterns. Looking for a fishing partner? Many chapters sponsor "Fish with a Friend" programs that connect members in search of fishing companions.​

Be our member & receive TROUT, TU's award-winning color magazine. Four issues a year, having:

  • Conservation News

  • Grassroots success stories

  • Updates on TU Activities

  • Fishing destinations

If you wish to be assigned to a specific chapter, Trout Unlimited requires you to enter a chapter number when becoming a member. Please use the numbers below to determine the appropriate chapter.

Little Stony Creek #652 Wise

Massanutten #171 Harrisonburg

Mountain Empire #631 Marion

New River #207 Blacksburg

Northern Virginia #360 Fairfax

Rapidan #307 Warrenton

Roanoke Valley #308 Roanoke

Shenandoah Valley #208 Waynesboro

Skyline #271 Lynchburg

Smith River #264 Martinsville

Thomas Jefferson #286 Charlottesville

Virginia At-Large #775 (Statewide)

Virginia Capital #184

Winchester #638 Winchester

TU offers a variety of membership categories which allow individuals and businesses to contribute to TU's mission at the conservation support levels of their choosing:


Membership Level Yearly Dues


Regular  $35

Contributor  $50

Family  $55

Sponsor  $100

Conservator  $250

Life Membership  $1,800

Griffith Circle  $1,000

TU Business  $295.00

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