VCTU meets 3 or more times a year, and currently meets via Zoom. For more information about these positions, please email Jim Wilson.


The Vice-Chair is second in command. The position is often used as training for a leader to step into the Chair position, and the general expectation is that the Vice-Chair will be nominated for and take over as Chair at the conclusion of their predecessor’s term in office.

The Vice-Chair will preside over meetings when the Chair is not able to, and provide support to the Chair and other board members.

Other duties are outlined in a more detailed description, available on request.

Assistant Secretary

The Secretary gives proper notice of upcoming meetings and makes timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes. The primary task of the Secretary is to attend, record and maintain the minutes of each board meeting. Meeting minutes are detailed reports that highlight the predetermined agenda as well as what actually took place (date, time, attendees), determination of vote eligibility (was there a quorum or not), action items for individuals, etc. The Secretary has other duties which are outlined in a more detailed description, available on request.

The Assistant Secretary will perform these duties as needed.


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